Tokenization of everything?

In this second article on cryptocurrencies, I’ll try to explain a bit about so-called security tokens – what exactly are these tokens, what are they used for, and how are... Read More

Blockchain, Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies – introduction for beginners

In this article, I’ll try to describe the basics of blockchain, Bitcoin and generally what the so-called cryptocurrencies are all about. This will entail a bit of simplification since the... Read More

Commencement Speech

What is a so-called ‘commencement speech’? It is a tradition amongst american universities and colleges – to invite important people from the world of politics, business, media and social life... Read More

Warren Buffett’s philosophy

Warren Buffett is considered by many the best stock market investor in history. Figures don’t lie – he is surely the richest stock market investor. But is he really? Is Warren... Read More


This entry has been inspired by Greg McKeown’s book called ‘Essentialism – The Disciplined Pursuit of Less’. Links to places, where you can buy it, are located directly on Greg’s... Read More

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